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This this page is dedicated to blatant self-promotion. I’ve been presenting at various events and being interviewed by different media over years (see examples at the bottom of the page). I’d be happy to do it with you, too! You can use my gmail to contact me, it starts matias.pietila. Or simply call me: +358 5050 60 201 or use the form at the bottom of the page.

This is what I’ve tried so far

  • Keynotes and presentations
  • Interviews for TV, radio and newspapers (Yle, Talouselämä, Kauppalehti, Taloussanomat etc.)
  • Podcast appearances
  • Panel discussions (as a participant and a moderator)
  • Lecturing at the university
  • Facilitating workshops for up to 70 people

In places like

  • Helsinki (duh)
  • San Francisco
  • Dublin
  • Edinburgh
  • Stockholm
  • Oslo

About topics like

  • Impactful design & data-driven design
  • From UX design to product design
  • Life after launch – keeping your product alive
  • Modern payment methods and PSD2 regulation
  • Creating smooth authentication experiences
  • Design processe: how to combine business, design and agile development?
  • Smarter prototyping
  • Best practices for digital services in the travel industry
  • Patterns for winning consumer services
  • What you should know when designing native mobile apps
  • Hybrid apps: cherry picking the best parts from web & native
  • Focusing on the essential as a product owner

Getting feedback like

  • My favourite talk. Concrete examples, no jargon. (Alma talent, Authentication 2020)
  • Humorous, capable, philosophical, and profound speaker (Alma talent, Next level service design 2020)
  • Funny and clear. Elite level business case, took data utilisation to the next level. (Alma talent, Next level service design 2020)
  • The presenter was clearly excited about the topic. You could see and hear that. The presentation was well put together. (Alma talent, Next level service design 2020)
  • Crystallised presentation, interesting case. (Alma talent, Next level service design 2020)
  • Interesting presentation, well delivered. Clearly more effort had been put to this than the other presentations. (Alma Talent, Future payments 2019)
  • Clear structure, good thinking about future payment options and the related experience. (Alma Talent, future payments 2019)
  • Rating for content: 4.6/5 (UXDX, Helsinki 2018)
  • Rating for delivery: 4.6/5 (UXDX, Helsinki 2018)
  • Enjoyed very much once again a down to earth real case of Matias Pietilä. (Data-driven design day 2018)
  • Enjoyed it. A passionate, inspiring speech. (Data-driven design day 2018)
  • Liked it due to good prez skills and concrete case study. (Data-driven design day 2018)
  • Matias rocks! (Data-driven design day 2018)
  • Top 5 of my talks so far. Very solid, good examples, nice variety of content. Nice flow. (UXDX, Dublin 2018)
  • Great tips and structure for the talk. (UXDX, Dublin 2018)
  • Great slides and examples. (UXDX, Dublin 2018)


Getting compensation like

Sometimes they pay me, sometimes they don’t .

Sometimes I get various kinds of gifts. This pencil-drawn portrait is propably the weirdest/coolest one (thanks UXDX!).

Seriously, though, I currently have a day job, so it is mostly about me practicing this stuff. It means you can get a good deal. I typically spend so much time preparing my materials, it makes no sense, after all.

Past public events & media appearances

Alma Talent: Next Level Service Design 2022
The secrets of successful product teams  Event page

World usability day panel discussion, hosted by Eficode
Trust, ethics, integrity, and accessibility  Event page

Posti: Presentation at Ecom Next 2020 seminar
Optimizing your mobile channel  Event page

Wakaru: Presentation at Prosessipäivät 2020 seminar (Process Days)
Practical tips for data-driven service development Event page

September–October 2020
Lecturing at LAB university of applied sciences
User experience design for emerging platforms LAB

June–August 2020
Lecturing at Aalto University ITP program
User experience design (Strategy & Experience Design track) Aalto ITP program

Alma Talent: Authentication 2020: Concrete tips for improving your service with a smooth authentication experience Event page

Alma Talent: Next level service design 2020Case Tallink: Personalised service for loyal customers led to great results Event page

Digital Forum Finland @ Event centre Bank
Succeeding in the post-PSD2 world
Event page

Interviewed as an expert in the E-commerce trends 2020 report by payment operator Paytrail
E-commerce trends 2020 report by Paytrail
Report link

Commenting a study in a payment related article by Talouselämä magazine
Suomalaisen nettikaupan karu arki paljastui: pelkoa, harhaluuloja ja tökkivää tekniikkaa – puolet on keskeyttänyt kriittisellä hetkellä
Article link

Dash Talks @ Startup Sauna
Impactful design
Event page

Nets Day 2019 @ Bio Rex
Saumaton maksukokemus PSD2:n jälkeen – onko sitä?
Event page

Alma Talent: Tulevaisuuden maksutekniikat 2019
Kuinka mahdollistaa saumaton ostokokemus myös PSD2:n jälkeen?
Event page

Nets Dagen @ Oslo, Norway
Seamless payment experience – also after PSD2
Event page

Joint Futures x Helsinki Design Meetup @ Qvik
Impactful design – case VR & Tallink
Event page

June–August 2019
Lecturing at Aalto University ITP program
User experience design (Strategy & Experience Design track) 
Aalto ITP program

Presentation at “E-commerce School” at the Retail Experience fair in Kista, Sweden
Future of apps and progressive web apps
Event page

Guest lecture at Aalto University Design Project 2019 course
From UX design to product design. Why you should care about the success of the product you’re working with and how to get started?
Course page

Presentation at DIBS e-commerce afternoon in Oslo, Norway
State of mobile app economy in e-commerce
Event page

Visiting Tuotekehityskeskustelu podcast by Timo Herttua
Discussing the role of a product owner and how to focus on the essential
Listen to the show (in Finnish)

Interview for a news article by Taloussanomat
An analysis on the current state of mobile payments in Finland – MobilePay vs. Siirto
Read the article (in Finnish)

Interview for a news article by Taloussanomat
Did the authorities prevent a Finnish mobile payment platform Siirto to compete fairly against MobilePay?
Read the article (in Finnish)

Nordea Cash Management
Panel discussion about current topics in digital payments
See a summary of the discussion

Aalto University (visitor lecture)
What they did not teach you about mobile design

DIBS/Nets payments breakfast, Stockholm
How to create frictionless payment experiences?

Qvik business & beers
Presentation: Loyalty beyond cards
Moderating a panel discussion on loyalty: Tallink Silja, Musti & Mirri, Wolt

Aalto University (visitor lecture)
What they did not teach you about mobile design

UXDX conference, Dublin
Life after launch – keeping your product alive

Savant eCommerce, Stockholm
Moderating a round table on mobile payments

Data-driven design day, Helsinki
Tallink Silja digital journey: smarter design decisions through data

Wath a video


Training: Lean Startup  (Alma Talent)

Travel Tech Con, San Francisco
Best practices for winning travel services

Toolbox Travel conference, Helsinki
Lessons learned from designing contextual travel companion services

UXDX conference, Helsinki
Ensuring an effective prototyping process that aligns with all objectives to speed to delivery

Authentication 2018 seminar (Alma Talent)
Case Tallink Silja: How to improve your customer experience with an SSO solution

Keynote for CXPA Finland meetup
Mobile and emerging payments

Interview for news article by Ilta-Sanomat
Bluetooth vs. NFC as mobile payment technology

Interview for news article by Finnish broadcasting company (Yle)
Mobile payments taking its first steps in Finland

Radio interview in Juuso Pekkinen show on Yle Puhe.
Calm Technology vs. addictive technology

Presentation and moderating a panel
PSD2 and its implications to mobile payments

Future payment technologies seminar, Alma Talent
Apple Pay, Credit card tokenisation and mobile wallets in practice

Interview for news article by Finnish broadcasting company (Yle)
Mobile payments are a jungle

Live interview for Finnish Broadcasting Service (Yle) TV news
What will Apple Pay launch mean in practice?

Edinburgh Mobey Forum
Building winning consumer services

IxDA Helsinki design meetup
No excuse – mobile payments don’t need to suck anymore

MePin Breakfast seminar : The future of authentication
Authentication – from a painpoint to business driver

23.10. 2016
Front-end Finland meetup
Prototyping UI magic

I was a judge in categories Best Mobile Service and Best UX Design in the biggest design competition in Finland, Grand One.

Process Days semiar (Wakaru)
Utilising Lean Startup in product development

I was interviewed on the topic #NoUI and chat based user interfaces for a podcast Vikasietotila, published by the Finnish Broadcasting Company (Yle)

Presentation at Qvik birthday seminar
Smart linking between mobile apps and web

Our team won an Industryhack hackathon ”Hack the Ship” for Tallink Silja, the leading cruise ship company on the Baltics. Together with Google developer expert Jerry Jalava and Tommy Eklund we designed and developed a working proto of an interactive cruise guide for Android, including beacon based indoor positioning.

Digilife seminar (Wakaru)
Designing for Apple Watch

Google Launchpad seminar
30 things to consider when designing mobile login flows

IxDA Helsinki design meetup
Story and data behind Yle Uutiset Uutisvahti