About the author

This blog deals with topics of usability – or the lack thereof. Abuser interfaces as I once wittily put it. My educational background is in usability engineering where I hold an M.Sc. (Tech.) degree. I’ve also acquired an EMBA degree to be able to say that I understand something about business.

The content is mostly in Finnish but I might write in English whenever I imagine the topic be more broadly interesting. These articles can be found under the category In English.

The beginning of my gmail.com address is matias.pietila. I can be found on Twitter or Linkedin. You can call me at +358505060201.

Would you like to book me to your event?

I’ve been presenting at various events and being interviewed by different media over years. I’d be happy to do it with you, too! 

I’ve been doing things like:

  • Keynotes and presentations
  • Interviews for TV, radio and newspapers
  • Podcast appearances
  • Panel discussions (also moderation)
  • Lecturing

In places like:

  • Helsinki (duh)
  • San Francisco
  • Dublin
  • Edinburgh
  • Stockholm
  • Oslo

See the complete list of my recent public appearances. 



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