LinkedIn: Leaving Qvik

Original post. My last days at Qvik are at hand. The world was very different when I started my journey as the first non-developer in the company 10 years ago. I remember how Spotify had just launched their first mobile app and I had read an Engadget article about this.

– Ok, it’s nice to have all the music in the world available in your pocket but it’s tedious you have to type in the search field what you want to find, one user complained in the comments.

– So, now I’m in the business of making this kind of ever-so-demanding users happy, I thought. With apps, the UX bar has always been high.

I believe we succeeded. We helped companies big and small, expanded beyond mobile and geographical borders. I was happy when my tagline ”We were mobile first – now we’re so much more” was used to describe our change. Later, I got to spearhead our Impact program. For a while I even assumed the role of a payment expert in the media.

The original Yle Uutisvahti and everything I did with Tallink during 5 years remain my darling projects, the amazing team of over 20 designers my proudest accomplishment. Knowing that #qvikdesign is stronger than ever, I can move on. Like I described my feelings in an internal letter:

Confused. Heartbroken. Relieved. Excited.


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