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Then, like two months ago, or whenever they announced that Vista is gonna slip into 2007 — and believe me, we’re talking waaaaay into 2007 — I set up a meeting with Gates and I’m like, Dude, I’ve got OS X working on an Intel processor. Why don’t you just drop this piece of crap Vista code base and just roll over to OS X? Forget the OS business and move up the stack into ERP apps or whatever. I mean, I’ve got it right here, Unix based, solid as a friggin rock, nice user interface, all wrapped up with a bow on it, I’ve even ported it to Intel for you, I mean what more do I have to do?

Steve Jobsin salainen päiväkirja
on hauskinta luettavaa vähään aikaan. Aloittakaa vaikka tästä Sculley-tarinasta.


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