LinkedIn: Accessibility of top mobile apps in Finland is poor

Original post. Another batch of original research from Qvik. This time it was the one and only Lassi A. Liikkanen who did a major effort in evaluating the top-15 Finnish apps in the application stores (iOS & Android) to see how they meet the new accessibility requirements.

TLDR: ”Everyone failed, but in varying degrees”. Read it here.

We did agonise over how to write this article. We don’t want to badmouth anyone publicly. Then again, raising awareness of this topic is important. Hence, we decided to publish the results in an anonymous format. If you believe your app is included in the list, feel free to contact us and we will tell you more. Happy to help as always!

Creating accessible mobile apps is an interesting topic altogether. The two earlier parts in this article series discuss in greater detail what you need to take into account to succeed.

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Accessibility of top mobile apps in Finland


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