LinkedIn: Survey about reasons of not downloading mobile apps

Original post. We recently conducted a nationwide survey about mobile app related user behaviour in the Finnish market. I shared some results earlier here but now we have published two blog posts where we discuss the findings in greater detail.

Read the article on Qvik web site.

One of the interesting findings was that the lack of storage space is still a major reason why people don’t download mobile apps.

As often happens, combining the results with the background variables surfaced some findings we didn’t know to expect. For example, we learned that younger and better educated people have less tolerance for bad UX and are more likely to give up:

”Those in their golden years also stick with their apps. Roughly one in four (23.8%) Finns stop using an app or online service if it feels difficult. But much fewer, only 17.1 percent, of the 55–64 age group reported doing so. In contrast, more than a third (30.8%) of the middle-aged, that is, those aged 35–44 quickly throw in the towel.”

Intuitively, it makes sense. However, it is in stark contrast with the common idea that young people take care of themselves and one should be worried about how older people manage with the services. In this regard, it’s quite the other way around.



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