LinkedIn: Tallink mobile app customer reviews over years

Original post. Back when I used to be rather deeply involved with Tallink mobile services, I enabled Google Play admin console to send me a push message every time their app received a customer review. This was a way to stay on the pulse of how the app was doing.

As a result, I ended up having my phone lock screen full of messages in different languages, the vast majority of them positive. Not knowing what to do with all that, I started screenshotting them.

I ended up collecting hundreds of screenshots, documenting more than one thousand reviews. I believe this is the right time to share about 50 of them to remind us all of the great things accomplished together over years.

It’s hard to grasp how badly the pandemic has hammered travel industry as a whole and many great people have been forced to find a new job. May this be dedicated to everyone affected.

To mention something positive, I have been happy to observe how the flexible hybrid architecture has made it possible to keep the app up to date even when the conditions have changed.

Ships, destinations and product types were added and removed throughout 2020 and the app was able to reflect these needs without forcing the users to update it. Resilience par excellence!


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