LinkedIn: Good things in Teams

Original post. I’m used to having my remote collaboration take place in Slack and Google Meet during past years. Recently, I’ve been spending my days in Teams instead. It would be easy to rant about all the things that should be improved in Teams but I thought I’d share some positive remarks instead. It’s Friday, after all. 

Teams is a good chat tool for companies that don’t really use chat. But when it comes to video conferencing, it actually has some good things that Slack + Meet combo lacks.

✅ Whenever you have a scheduled meeting starting, you get a notification about this. 

✅ When the first person starts the meeting, you are notified.

✅ You get a notification 5 mins before the meeting is scheduled to end.

✅ There is a native reaction support in video calls.

✅ The chat during meetings is rich in features, including basic reactions. The contents stay alive after the meeting. (The same chat stays alive in later recurring meetings as well, so you may see a chat from a meeting where you were not invited… )

✅ File management is centralised. If you drag an editable file to a chat, it automatically becomes shared and can be collaborated on. (Then again, if you have members from different organisations, you can’t always share files at all which sucks big time.)


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