LinkedIn: App Clips in practice

Original post. If you have a mobile app and presence in the physical world, you should care about App clips and Instant apps. They are an interesting way of fighting app installation friction while still utilising tech capabilities not available on the web. You don’t see them too much in Finland yet, but Lime scooters provide a great example:

✅ No app installation required
✅ No payment setup required
✅ No signup required.

On iOS this has been accomplished with App clips, on Android using Instant apps but the experience is pretty much identical. After you provide value to your customers like this, it’s easier to convince them to download the full app.

The biggest issue here is discoverability: users don’t know that scanning a QR code with your camera could be enough to unlock a scooter. Lime doesn’t really do a good job communicating this, either.

On iOS you can improve the experience further by letting the user scan an NFC tag, so you don’t even need to open your camera.

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