LinkedIn: Presenting at Posti eCom Next 2020 seminar

Original post. It was inspiring to get to share some ideas about my favorite topic, winning mobile services, at the eCom Next 2020 seminar organised by Posti.

It seems to me that while the majority of service usage tends to come from mobile already, sales are lagging behind. To solve this, I suggested using Customer Factory model as a backbone and shared concrete tips about optimising your 1) customer acquisition 2) activation 3) retention 4) revenue and 5) referral in mobile context.

Remote seminars are nasty when you lack the direct audience feedback but based on the social media reactions, it seems my message was considered relevant. If you want to learn more, I just started a series of blog articles about the topic.

The first one focuses on the acquisition phase. (Currently only available in Finnish but the English version is coming soon.) Sorry, I’m nasty this time and try hiding the link in comments.


Matias with André Noël Chaker
Matias with André Noël Chaker


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