LinkedIn: Experiences from Suunto 7 purchase process analysis

Original post. Not everyone knows that I used to be pretty deeply involved in the world of sports and fitness apps and wearable devices 5+ years ago. Hence, it was personally rewarding to participate in assessing the purchase and onboarding experience of #Suunto7, their first Wear OS powered smart sports watch this summer.

Better yet, I got to witness how Aija managed the team and process and made sure we focus on the essential and produce valuable outcomes.

All too often, you imagine that

a) people start their purchase process from the front page of your online store (they often don’t)
b) they know exactly which product they want to buy (they often don’t)

One thing I especially liked in this project was that we specifically tested different flows: starting from an Instagram ad, organic Google search etc. and analysed the product information communicated to the customers who don’t yet know how the product compares to other options.

I also found it interesting to record my very first unboxing video to report my thoughts and feelings while starting to use the device.

It got me thinking: this kind of videos are so much faster to create than full-blown reports. Could there be a market for such expert review videos with no additional report, too?

#qvik #qvikdesign #suunto #cx #ux #ecom


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