LinkedIn: Panel discussion on the business benefits of strong customer authentication

Original post. I will participate in a panel discussion later this week, organised by Signicat. The topic will be the good old: PSD2 is coming, what should we do about strong customer authentication (SCA)?

What is new is the point of view. So far, I have been focusing on the ways of optimising the customer experience by minimising the need for SCA using different kind of exemptions, mobile wallets etc.

This time around, the focus is instead in the business benefits of SCA. What can you achieve with it? What should you take into account to optimise the customer experience?

There will be some great experts in the panel, including the one and only Monika Liikamaa, the CEO and co-founder of Enfuce. What’s also great is that we don’t need to get stuck with the situation in Finland, since Mikaela Linder (SEB Card) and Marie Austenaa (Signicat) will bring in the Swedish and Norwegian point of view.

In Finland, the topic is increasingly relevant, since the members of the parliament are actively suggesting to expand the usage requirements of SCA in the aftermath of case Vastaamo.

Read more and sign up here:

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